User Interface – User Centered Design

*Background information: This project is very important to me. During my junior year, I completed a self-directed independent study. Following my urge and passion, I choose to work on a research/human factors project. While doing this project, I was attempting to self teach myself how to do design research. This learned knowledge developed this project and my skill set helping me realize what excited me about design. Through this exploration, I have decided on my career. This project shows many things about me and highlights many of my skills.

This inclusively designed interface is a result of the growing aged population. In 2020, half the population will be 50 years of age or older. Through the process of aging, you require additional considerations in the design process. Different sets of research were conducted for this project, ethnographic research, empathic research, and technical research.  A ‘focus group’ was established for one-on-one interviews, establishing need, feedback, and user-testing.

Project information:
Completed at The University of the Arts Junior Year 2010
Advisor Mike McAllister

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Information Design

Information design is a way to portray complex information clearly. Examples below of information graphics I have designed.
The map depicts a series of influences that lend to a new hobby/interest or a new project. This map depicts how each project, teacher, class and interest from my junior year are interrelated. There are many levels to understanding this map.

This mapping represents information on stagnant posture and its affects on the body.

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Utility Cargo Cycling

Commuterize was a concept produced to the project brief of utility cargo cycling. Noticing that professional commuters were complaining of a bad back or shoulder pain after their commute to or from work carrying a backpack. Taking inspiration existing ways of being able to carry cargo as well as customize the product to the users need, a modular unit was proposed. Customization was of high importance to commuters interviewed. This bag design allows the user to place the bag on the bike while in transport and quickly take it off the bike to slip it over their shoulder to enter work. The bags design utilized a military concept called M.O.L.L.E. It allows for the user to add attachments on the outside of the bag for specific items and have open space in the center of the bag to put larger items.

See below for detail shots.

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Bamboo Wacom Tablet Case

As any owner of a loved gadget knows, it needs a protective case. Seeing as the bamboo wacom tablet is perhaps my favorite toy/tool I decided it needed a special case. As crocheting is a huge passion of mine, I created a custom case.

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Wearable Technology

Project partner: Ben Tsang

This remote control t-shirt is an exploration of wearable technology. Utilizing the body as a platform for control and functionality, this t-shirt can control any television that can connect with a universal remote. Understanding how technology works gave way to this concept. At first glance, the shirt looks like any normal graphic t, until you notice the conductive thread sew throughout the shirt. The conductive thread connects to soft switches to create a circuit board. Who wouldn’t want to be able to sit on the couch and wear a remote?! Now you’ll never have to look for a small remote in the couch cushions again!
Click here to see a demonstration! .

After the semester completion of work, the ID junior class put on a fashion show of the projects. Our project is shown second to ‘turn-on’ the show! Wearable Technology Fashion Show. UArts Junior Fall \’09

See portfolio for full design process. See below for detail shots.

Project information:
Completed at The University of the Arts Junior Year 2010
Advisor Mike McAllister

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In the spirit of..

Collab is a competition at the Philadelphia Art Museum. Each year they select a designer to showcase. Marcel Wanders was selected, with the topic of ‘tabletop luminary.’ We had to design a pre-20th century object in the spirit of Marcel Wanders.

Marcel Wanders has the ability to give a hard material a softer look. He has the power to turn industrial materials to beautiful, crafted pieces. This was the spirit I wanted to create in my luminaire.

The pre-20th century period was a time of crafters and artisans. Irish lacing, aka crocheting, was a highly loved craft at the time. As I believe the same is still true today, I knew that this was my concept.

Incorporating inspiration from Marcel and irish lacing, I decided to design a new material and/or process. Combining metal and cotton produced the effect I was looking for, beauty and strength.

See below for detail shots.

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Label Design

Instead of designing the package around the project, I was tasked with designing the product for the package. Utilizing the shape and material, I choose a carrying case for all the basic crochet needs. To produce minimal waste, the label also functions as a instruction manual. The dome-like shape semantically appeared to be a carrying device, which was where I got the idea to make it a case. Adding a strap allowed for easy movability and seemed the perfect place to apply a label.

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Exhibit design

Figuring out a way that four different peoples projects can be showcased was a fun challenge in response to a class assignment. My group and I selected a wall the had been painted with chalk paint, so we felt it was necessary to utilize it for what it was! We developed a storyline of a comic that had a character who interacted with each each of our capstones. The first day, shown below, our character interactions with each of the point of entry’s from each of our projects. The second day is a take away which is when the character experiences the solutions of the problem. This was an extremely fun way of showing information in a creative platform. The comics were designed by Rebecca Albrand, the chalk board was drawn by Ben Tsang, Yi Wei, and Yu Jie.

Detail shots

Day 2 of the story:

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